About the convention

On October 25th the Belgian Cyber Security Convention gathers the Belgian cyber industry on a one-day conference in Mechelen. From big companies to startups, academia or public sector: all will be present to discuss recent cyber security trends and share their strategies.

The Belgian Cyber Security Convention is a B2B conference and aims to critical businesses by organizing keynotes and workshops concerning the topic. Experts will be giving a state of affairs in speaker slots throughout the day. In the meantime companies get the chance to introduce their new solutions directly to the public at the exhibition fair.

What Sweepatic plans to contribute to the visitors of the conference

Sweepatic will be up on stage with an enlightening talk on: The reconnaissance phase of the kill chain and how to gain visibility + control on your digital footprint. Here is the abstract:

All organisations face a variety of threat actors from corporate or state-sponsored spies to organized criminals, script kiddies, terrorists and cyber activists. While their motives may vary, threat actors are united in their desire to reach their objectives. Recognizing they don’t get a lot of second chances in achieving their objectives, threats actors typically spend a lot of time in carefully planning their next target. Generally, the more sophisticated the attack, the more complex and thorough the attack planning, and consequently the greater the information gathering and reconnaissance need. The talk will cover an introduction to reconnaissance, why organisations should be aware and how they can up their game to be at the same level of their adversaries.

The latest information about the Sweepatic talk can be found here.

So we welcome you to join us at the convention, during the Sweepatic talk or feel free to come meet us at our booth and say hello!

If you want to know more about Sweepatic and what it could mean for you or you plan to attend, just drop us an e-mail at info[at]sweepatic.com for more information. We also kindly offer you a discount on the entrance ticket.

A full program can be found on the BCSC website.

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The convention’s content is set in cooperation with premium partners: the Federal Centre for Cyber Security Belgium, the Belgian Cyber Coalition, AGORIA, LSEC, KUL and Solvay Business School (ULB).