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Sweepatic included in the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar

Sweepatic is included in the ECSO Cybersecurity Market Radar.
ECSO Decect and Identify

The European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) has released its Cybersecurity Market Radar. The Radar provides information on cybersecurity products and services based on a unique market-oriented taxonomy and the size of the companies.

The five designated capabilities – identify, protect, detect, respond, recover – present concrete competences and means to mitigate, resolve, monitor and analyse cyber-related threats.

Sweepatic features in both the “Identify” and “Detect” capability categories with its innovative Attack Surface Management Platform. The Platform maps, monitors and manages attack surfaces across the world producing high impact insights and easy-to-remediate findings.

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Identify stands for “providing an organisational understanding of the IT infrastructure and cybersecurity readiness to manage cyber risks to individuals, systems, assets, data and capabilities.”

Detect deals with “developing and implementing appropriate tools to identify the nature and the scope of cyber-attacks.”

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