is hosted in Brussels this week, at the 22th and 23th of March. Central theme this year is how businesses operate in a Data Centric World.

It’s Sweepatic's mission to facilitate organizations in understanding their digital footprint and the associated risks. By discovering our unique out-side-in view on security, we can help companies in 24x7 enumeration and keeping track of changes in their digital footprint from both an infrastructure and sensitive information perspective. The Sweepatic team is showcasing its innovative solutions in a couple of original ways at the event.

First of all, our Sweepatic Labs have been working hard the last couple of weeks in preparing a cool and eyebrow-raising demo, to show the unique proposition in more detail. The team didn't want to "fake" an environment to give insights on the Sweepatic solutions, so they have prepared a real subject (a public institution) that has been hitting the media every day the last couple of months: the government of the United States of America! (Insert dramatic Star Spangled Banner here).

Our demo will show the digital footprint of the * and * and how these are perceived from the outside for potential cyber attackers. Together with the Sweepatic expert you will be able to explore the results coming out of the passive infrastructure enumeration, sensitive data leakage detection, deep file inspection capability. It will certainly lead to an interesting discussion about how Sweepatic can help when we apply this to for instance your organization.

Sounds cool and dangerous?

Yes and No. No doubt, we're the swaggiest team of the bunch, but we’re actually working with files that are already online, so Sweepatic isn’t treading on illegal grounds, but we are showing just how much unwanted artifacts these files contain, and how they could be used by potential cyber attackers.

Next to the live demo, we’ve got our charismatic team geared up during the event (and of course also after) to listen to you and answer any technical or commercial questions about Sweepatic. We’re convinced we can help any organization gain a greater visibility and control on their digital footprint. In fact you can always reach out to us through our company website or via social media.

Last but not least, we’re also having a fun contest at our booth. The Sweepatic team likes to lift the spirits, so anybody who visits the booth is up for winning a whisky tasting for two!

As the famous Alexander Flemming said: “Whisky isn’t scientific, but it helps.” See you there!

P.s.: We are at booth number 03.E116 at the LSEC Pavilion.