In our former blogpost, we announced Sweepatic is participating in the brand new, crowdsourced Trusted Fintech Program of our partner B-Hive.

This unique program’s objective is to arm fintechs with cyber security knowledge, best practices, tools & techniques and solutions. When the participating companies successfully complete the modules the next 3 months, they receive a ‘Trusted Fintech Label’, which indicates their commitment to cyber security.

Our customers expect banking solutions that are easy and safe to use. We do this by applying high standards in the areas of quality, reliability, security, and the protection of data and privacy – both for internally developed solutions, as well as for those that are built with partners. For that reason, we welcome B-Hive’s TrustedFintech Program. It will raise awareness among FinTechs, and enable them to design solutions that integrate security and privacy requirements from the start.
— Jan De Blauwe, Head of Global Security at BNP Paribas Fortis

Fintech First Sweep

We are proud to call ourselves one of the cyber security content providers.

Sweepatic will present the importance of digital footprint awareness, asset discovery, attack surface reduction and other Sweepatic good practices around maintaining good visibility and control an the fintechs' digital footprint.

On top of that, Sweepatic will perform a first sweep of the attack surface of the participating fintechs. This will provide them with a situational awareness on their digital footprint and a first structured, centralized register about all their internet facing assets (infrastructure, API's, web applications, files, other domain names and much more). Being able to record and document your good practise is important from a regulation and auditing perspective.

Below you can find the recording from the B-Hive Fin & Tonic evening, wherein CEO Stijn explains the Sweepatic contribution to the Trusted Fintech Program.

Kicking off the Trusted Fintech Program

The official kick-off event took place last week at Febelfin Academy in Brussels.

During this introduction day, the 5 modules - the fundamentals of cybersecurity, regulation and certification, incident and data breach management and third-party vendor risk and secure technology - were presented, as well as each cybersecurity content provider and each fintech/start-up.

Watch the aftermovie below!

Read more about the program in the media:

For more information on digital footprint awareness, asset discovery and the Sweepatic solution, check out our website or contact us directly via info(at)!