New integrations are continuously added to the Sweepatic product roadmap. By popular customer demand, we have now released the Jira integration in the Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management Platform. From now on, you can create Jira tickets directly from the Sweepatic Platform.

How does it work

You can add the Jira integration in our notifications module, using your organization's Jira instances. Then you can choose to either:

  1. Automatically create Jira tickets: Set up a rule to specify for which issues and misconfigurations in your external attack surface a ticket should be created. You can configure the observations, priority and primary domains for which a ticket should be made.
  2. Manually create Jira tickets: From the Tracker - the list of all the observations maintained by the Sweepatic Platform - you can create a ticket for specific issues and/or attack surface changes.


Many companies use Atlassian's Jira Software in their workflow. The integration with the Sweepatic Platform allows users to ingest discovered issues and misconfigurations directly in their existing tool stack.

Stay tuned for more integrations!

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