Convention time! Just like last year, Sweepatic is sponsoring the Belgian Cyber Security Convention in Mechelen, Belgium on the 25th of October.

The BCSC is a one-day B2B event of networking and education for cybersecurity decision makers and specialists, sharing expertise and advice on cyber security matters including - but not limited to - governance, technology, platform and GDPR.

Sweepatic Talk

sweepatic talk
During the conference, our co-founder and CEO, Stijn will give a presentation on how to apply asset discovery and digital risk protection for your organization. Read the full abstract below:

How to apply asset discovery and digital risk protection for your organization: a true story from the trenches.
The talk’s objective is to create awareness on digital footprints and how dynamic and exposed they are. The talk will highlight a subdomain takeover case for a high-profile organization. Details of the discovery, risks, proper remediation and collaboration with the CIRT team of the affected organization will be described as well.

More information on the talk can be found here.


This year we are teaming up with our partner ZIONSECURITY.
We welcome you to attend the talk and come say hello at our booth! Our experts are eager to listen to your requirements, take your questions and explain how we can help you.

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For more information on the other partners, speakers and the full program visit the BCSC website.

If you want to meet us or for any questions you may have, don't hesitate to contact us via: info[at]
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