At the end of February, Sweepatic will be present at CyberThreat 2018. Organized by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) from the UK and the SANS Institute, it will be an opportunity for Europe's technical cyber security community to gather in one place.

"Focused on practitioners and spanning the full breadth of cyber defence and incident response disciplines, the event encourages sharing of bleeding edge techniques, case studies from the field and new tools." - CyberThreat 2018

In a nutshell: a bunch of smart people sharing cool and valuable stuff about Cyber Security! This also being the culture of Sweepatic, we were eagerly hoping to get on that stage and share our knowledge.

And indeed, we managed to get a speaking slot for our expert hunter Patrik Hudak and our CEO Stijn Vande Casteele. Seizing the opportunity, they will give convincing evidence that a pro active approach to cyber risk management is of substantial value and necessary to keep organizations secure.

To achieve this, they will talk about the importance and efficiency of the reconnaissance phase by sharing how threat actors extract sensitive information from a digital footprint, how they can use it and how organizations can prevent exposing the information. The technical theory will be underlined with an in-depth view on the subdomain takeover case as practical example, stressing how simple, yet dangerous vulnerabilities in the digital footprint can become.

The Sweepatic Team hopes to meet you there and until then, proactively join the conversation and drop any questions/thoughts on reconnaissance, subdomain takeovers or anything else via one of our channels (use #cyberthreat2018).