Introducing the Sweepatic Web Dashboard

Sweepatic is proud to present the Sweepatic Web Dashboard, ready to provide your organization with visibility and insights on your attack surface in an easy to use interface. Curious? Read on or sign up for our trial version.

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Actionable insights for attack surface management

We have learned from sweeping our customers’ attack surfaces that actionable insights are key for attack surface reduction planning. It is essential to make the attack surface as unattractive as possible towards potential bad actors. That is why we have created the Sweepatic Web Dashboard on top of the richness of the enormous dataset that the Sweepatic Reconnaissance Platform collects about one’s attack surface.

What the Sweepatic Web Dashboard can do for you

We have observed that many organizations do not have a clear and centralized view on their attack surface. This lack of visibility on internet-facing assets increases cyber security exposure; you can’t protect, what you don’t know.

Do you know which assets you have and where they are located? Do you track new websites pushed in production? Are SSL certificates in place and when do they expire? Do you know if your published files are leaking sensitive metadata? Do you have a view on the (outdated) technologies that are flooding your online brand presence? These are just a few points...

How to address issues in your attack surface, if you don’t know?

Features of the Sweepatic Web Dashboard

Websites summary

The dashboard provides data on your internet-facing assets in a single pane of glass view. In the websites summary, charts visualize your exposed web applications, active subdomains, SSL certificates and their expiration. In that way you can see how many domains are hosting websites, if they are secured through SSL and when this SSL expires.


Get a clear view on your DNS entries in the summary chart and identify outliers in these name servers. Threat actors actively search for outliers in organizations' infrastructure to find a way in.

Open ports

Know which open ports Sweepatic can discover in an active sweep. This chart can, for example, reveal open remote desktop ports (RDP) and open Secure Shell ports (SSH).


Review the technologies discovered in your attack surface with one click. The technologies used to build your brand presence are a part of your attack surface. Read all about why it is important to keep an eye on them in our blogpost on the technologies use case.

Network graph

What does your organisation's footprint look like from the outside? Discover the interconnectivity in your online infrastructure and track outliers, cloud providers, locations, IP addresses, etc.

Geolocation of your internet-facing assets

Know where all your internet-facing assets are physically residing in the world. Remember that in Europe, this is an important factor to keep in mind for GDPR compliance: is your data stored in the EU, and if not, is the data secured and protected in correspondance?

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