One month ago our CEO received a call from Trends Magazine. It seems they feel more people should hear about Sweepatic and offered to publish an article on the company.

So if you want to know more about Sweepatic, our managed solutions and what more the startup has up their sleeves, make sure to check out the article!

You can access the article (Dutch) via the Trends website. And for everyone else, here's our translation in English:

Through the eyes of a hacker

Sweepatic gives companies insight into their digital footprint, so they can better cope with cybercriminals. With a growing customer base and a planned capital round, the Leuven based startup will start expanding abroad next year.

The internet platform of Sweepatic imitates techniques that computer hackers use in order to help spot their victims, which is unique in the field of computer security. It's comparable to the constant search for weak, insufficiently protected and forgotten places in the digital footprint of organizations, says Stijn Vande Casteele, CEO of Sweepatic.

Large companies and organizations invest in people, processes and technology to protect their most sensitive information. But usually they do not think too much about how they get caught by cybercriminals who are becoming more creatively and inventive in selecting their next victims. Our managed solutions enables companies to see right through the hacker's eyes and thus having a look at their own digital footprint and it's weaknesses. Just like a burglar would drive through the streets of a city, to map homes, count how many floor and windows there are or which side doors can easily be opened. With these insights, companies can focus and optimize their security posture.

Companies are not aware of how much of their data, criminals are able to use in their attack planning process. Stijn Vande Casteele says:

Our second solution is a set of small advanced alarm systems that warn companies when a hacker is checking them out. The Sweepatic Beacons are directly injected in the corporate network and trigger alarm signals when they notice a threat actor. This way we help our customers with specific threat intelligence so that they can respond in a timely fashion. In addition, we provide companies with advice on how to fight their adversaries and become less attractive to them."

Sweepatic customers are typically operating a critical information infrastructure (e.g. the financial sector). The startup just started working with a customer from Great Britain, and wants to raise capital next year to boost its foreign growth.